Fred 25g Jaune

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Fred Jaune tobacco came after our original  Fred Rose, originally developed to be the perfect blend for recreational smokers... We are well aware that not everybody likes to add other plants to their tobacco! We have then fine-tuned Fred Rose blend, keeping its well-appreciated balanced taste, but also replacing some Asian Virginia with Turkish Oriental tobaccos for a subtle tickling into your cheeks with spicy notes.
Packed with our humidity regulation system and a new multi-layer pouch, your tobacco will always remain fresh!
Pouch made of STONE PAPER: Join the revolution with the most eco-friendly packaging ever: photodegradable material with home-compostable zip-closure and protective layer.

Read the description below for the list of unique specs. we have added to this product.

No doubt, this is Fred : well balanced with a spicy twist

The taste

Well Balanced with spicy notes tickling your cheeks


Unadulterated tobaccos free of additives

Tobacco Origins

40% Africa, 30% Latin America, 10% USA, 10% Turkey, 10% Europe

The Blend

American Blend : 60% Virginia, 30% Burley, 10% Oriental

Humidity Control

a 69% relative humidity control pad is included in each box

Pouch Material

Cradle to Cradle : Stone Paper + home compostable zip closure and protective layers

Fred Limited Edition - Louis Gille

When we choose to collaborate with an artist, our approach goes beyond a mere marketing strategy  (knock, knock famous luxury brands!). We don't mean to brag, but we are confident in our sensitivity to art and have nothing to prove, as it has guided our communication from the very beginning.

“Not so Human”, the theme Louis had suggested, speaks for itself when we look at our Wild Society today. Can you suggest any other brands that match Fred's credibility to convey this message?

We were so impressed with Louis’ work that we allowed him to modify our logo to fit into his style, something we have never done for other artists.

You can learn more about Louis and the meaning behind each of his characters on our mini website.


Louis Gille work

Louis Gille artwork
Louis Gille artwork
Louis Gille artwork
Louis Gille artwork
Louis Gille artwork
Louis Gille artwork

Small Talks between Louis and Benoit (# 1)

Small Talks between Louis and Benoit (# 2)


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Fred - Swiss company with a twist

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