In 2004, Fred became the second brand in the world to offer 100% additive-free tobacco products

Our unique tobacco blend consists of 17 different types sourced from Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and East Asia.

We take pride in the kick, easy draw, and balanced taste of our products. We have put in a lot of effort to ensure that you can enjoy our cigarettes in the comfort of your home, at the club, or at after-hours parties. Our additive-free cigarettes offer a unique and unmatched experience that cannot be found elsewhere.

We were the first to develop fine-cut tobacco for recreational smokers, which now stands as the reference with perfect humidity control and the most eco-friendly packaging ever.

We have been monitoring and carefully evaluating what smokers were really looking for since the legalisation of Swiss CBD in 2017. 

We have partnered with established experts to create a dedicated product family using what we believe are the best strains available

While we are well-versed in tobacco, CBD was a new area for us, so we went back to school to learn, study, and take a scientific approach to separate fact from fiction. 

Soon, we will introduce new CBD-based products that provide clear benefits without any unnecessary hype. We are excited to unveil nature's best-kept secret.

The big paper brands are capable of doing a lot to convince people that their products are unique. However, some of their claims can be misleading. For instance, white papers are not bleached with solvents, so don't be fooled by any such claims. Similarly, brown papers labeled as "pure" are not necessarily less harmful, but they are cheaper to produce. Filters also do not make cigarettes safer, as they only reduce tar but not other harmful substances like nitrosamines.

Our papers are ultra fine and made of flax, a blend which offers the advantages of rice paper, with less combustion compared to wood pulp paper, but not as tricky to roll.... provided that you keep them dry!

Fred papers will guarantee that your tobacco taste remains unadulterated with less smoke and a very gentle and slow burning rate.

The word “goodies” sounds a bit childish…If you only knew how much effort we have placed into developing these smoking accessories, you would definitely be convinced that we are…mad! On top of that, we have decided to sell them at “cost price” because we love them so much and want you to appreciate them as much as we do!

Developing these goodies seems straightforward on paper, but the devil is in the details if you want them to be perfect. What we offer you is unique with a dedicated mold we had to fine-tune over and over until we were 100% satisfied. Unquestionably, the price of these items does not reflect the amount of work invested in R&D. But in the end, what counts is that they are cool and unique…and sometimes also helpful!

We believe that Fred is more than just a product. We are competing against a highly capitalistic industry to prove that ideas, attention to detail and heart can make a difference. In line with our philosophy, we have decided to offer products from friends who share the same DNA as us. 

These friends are passionate about what they have to offer and are always striving to improve themselves. Our aim is not to convince you that their products are the best, but to guarantee that you will find the same values in their products as in Fred, with a unique twist and unmatched quality.



FRED cigarettes are like unwanted friends: you know you should avoid them, but they are always there when you need them!

NonStop ShopCatarina Azevedo

FRED: Because sometimes the only thing that makes you want to cough in style is a good cigarette

Online Shop CustomerLola Danflous

I love Fred, first of all because they are super friendly, and in case of problems, they are always there to resolve them, and very quickly. Orders are always fulfilled on time. The cigarettes are "tasty", good quality.

Online Shop CustomerFrancesca Pescetti

Top-notch, responsive team!
I'm very satisfied with the products they offer with diversity like CBD and to top it all off, we represent Lausanne!"

Kiosque du TribunalLausanne
We love you all!
We love you all!

We love you all!

Nothing else matters!

... but products
Why not?

Why not?

There is a bit of us everywhere!

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