Silicone Cigarette Holder

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You will admit that smoking your Freds with our memento mori cigarette holder is kind of "classy"!
A long time ago we sold a similar cigarette holder made of Limoge Porcelain (check second picture); with a triple digits price we could not expect lots of you to consider this accessory essential! We reviewed our copy: it is now made of silicone for the best feeling between your lips... not mentioning the price which now makes this holder indispensable!

In terms of taste this cigarette holder also provides added smoothness to the taste of your cigarettes as smoke is diluted before reaching your mouth.

We give the same attention to detail to our goodies as we do to any other Fred product. Additionally, they allow us to share part of our philosophy with you: "Why so serious?"

Big thanks to :

Rebellion-Motors for taking good care of our old Jaguar and letting us shoot a few scenes behind their garage. If we had shot on their parking lot, the cars in the background would have distracted you from our clip ;-)

5C-Motorsports for bringing us their unmistakable "pink fur" scooter, which Cynthia spotted on the street the day before the shooting! It's so kind and so cool!
In a different style and if you are looking at tuning your "real" bike, check out their V-Max project...

Cynthia, Philippe, Olivier, Laurent, Rinaldo

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